Still lugging an old suitcase around? It's time to consider packing a bag equipped with state-of-the-art technology designed to make business trips and vacations go smoothly. Perks like built-in battery chargers keep devices powered up, while digital scales and remote locks make airport check-in a breeze. Some luggage pieces even contain GPS technology in case the airline loses your bag. Also featuring sophisticated designs, "smart luggage" is a must-have for any frequent traveler.

Rolling Luggage

For a weekend getaway or a short business trip, it's hard to beat a hard-sided, rolling suitcase that fits perfectly in overhead compartments, especially when it comes equipped with technology. Many smart suitcases feature USB ports for charging e-books, laptops, and cell phones as well as built-in scales that allow you to monitor the case's weight.
The Bluesmart rolling case includes an internal battery and a digital security system that locks the bag if it leaves your side. Download the Raden app to track the Raden A22 case using Bluetooth. In addition, the Delsey Pluggage is a popular smart rolling case that lets you know it made it on board through an app.
Keep track of your bags with GPS-equipped smart luggage

Modern Backpacks

Forget about the backpack you once carried to school — technology-equipped backpacks do much more than hold books. The weatherproof, TSA-approved TYLT Energi backpack holds a 15-inch laptop and has a battery capable of charging up to three devices at once. It also boasts five external and two internal pockets for cables.
The Trakk Armor pack features a sleek design that is perfect for the outdoors. The pack's Heat Dissipation Technology keeps everything inside at room temperature, and LED lighting helps travelers stay safe at night. If you want to go green, check out the rip-proof, waterproof ECEEN backpack, which comes with a built-in 3.5-watt foldable solar panel battery.

Space-Saving Multi-Featured Bags

When you want to travel light, it's important to choose the best bag for the job. As a general rule of thumb, pack the bag that offers multiple helpful features. Featuring a GPS tracking device, the Fugu Travel case switches from carry-on size to a full-size suitcase with the use of its electric pump.
Planning on biking or hiking during your trip? The Lumos unPlug features water-resistant fabric that is reflective and converts light into energy to charge the built-in battery. The CO.alition Colfax PHD Smart Backpack comes with a 500 GB wireless hard drive for saving photos and files without an internet connection.
Keep your family's devices charged with smart luggage

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