Being an Uber driver is a great way to earn income while maintaining your own flexible hours, meeting interesting people, and working as often or little as you decide. Plus, you never have to worry about deadlines, meetings, employees, or even bosses — talk about freedom. However, there are some additional things to consider when driving, such as the potential cost of wear and tear on your personal vehicle.

That’s where Hertz can help. The Hertz and Uber rideshare program provides you with all of the convenience and benefits of a rideshare vehicle without any of the ownership responsibilities. If you don’t currently own a vehicle, your personal vehicle doesn’t meet Uber’s standards, or you’ve decided to opt out of using your vehicle for work to avoid hassles and save expenses, renting a vehicle with Hertz may be the solution for you.

What’s Included with Your Hertz Rental

When using a Hertz rental car for Uber, you can choose from a selection of midsize vehicles including compact sedans like the Hyundai Sonata or a midsize sedan like a Nissan Altima. Cars depend on local availability and vary from location to location.

Along with these models, you will automatically enjoy benefits that would not be available if you opted to use your personal vehicle. These benefits include unlimited mileage, all vehicle maintenance, and 24 hour, 365 days a year Roadside Assistance.

Additionally, the Hertz Loss Damage Waiver* is automatically included with your rental, meaning you can drive worry-free without having to purchase any additional insurance to drive for Uber.

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Hertz and Uber Driver Eligibility Requirements

To rent a Hertz vehicle for Uber, you must be an approved Uber driver that is currently in good standing. Additionally, you must be at least 25 years old, have a valid credit or debit** card and driver's license, and be able to provide a deposit that equals the estimated rental charges plus a $200 holding fee to cover any additional charges that may be incurred. If you meet those requirements, you’ll be on your way to driving your Hertz rental car for Uber in no time.

Available Hertz Locations for Uber Drivers

Once you’ve confirmed that you meet the eligibility requirements, the next step is to visit the Uber Partner Hertz Rental Car Program page and make sure you are currently an approved Uber driver in one of the eight Hertz cities that offer this partnership: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, and San Francisco.

More cities will most likely be rolling out in 2019, so be sure to check back if your current city is not yet on the list.

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The Hertz Rental Process for Uber Drivers

After choosing your pickup location, select the date and time for your rental – a seven-day reservation is required. Then, you will be able to choose from Hertz’s selection of midsize vehicles. Once you confirm your selection, you will be directed to the Hertz reservation confirmation page, where you will enter your name, email and phone number to complete your reservation.

If you want to extend your rental, weekly extensions are available for up to 28 days, after which drivers are required to return the vehicle to the original location for inspection and maintenance. Extensions can be completed by logging into your partner dashboard in the Uber app, visiting the Vehicle section, choosing “Hertz offer,” and selecting “Extend.”

If you wish to extend your rental after 28 days, you can log into your Partner Dashboard after day 21 of your current rental contract and schedule an appointment to visit Hertz to have a new 28-day contract opened. Scheduling an appointment will ensure that Hertz is ready to assist you and you can get back on the road quickly.

Ready to earn money with Uber? Get started and reserve a car with Hertz.

If you’re in search of more information, visit the Uber Program Details page or browse our frequently asked Hertz rideshare rental questions.

*The Hertz Damage Waiver applies to damage to the vehicle itself in excess of $1,000 occurring while off-app or while on-app before accepting a request from a passenger. When off-app, Renter is responsible for any other liability incurred, subject to the minimum financial responsibility of Hertz. Uber provides additional coverage for on-app driving. For such Uber coverage in California, click here. For such Uber coverage in all other states, click here. Hertz may not offer any additional protection products, including insurance products. Terms and Conditions apply to all protection and insurance products. Loss Damage Waiver terms can be found in the rental agreement, rental agreement addendum, and online.

**At the time of rental, an authorization hold will be secured on your debit card provided to cover the estimated amount of the rental charges and any additional charges that may be incurred. These funds will not be available for your use. When a debit card is accepted as form of payment, at the start of the rental, two (2) forms of identification must be presented. Prepaid or stored value cards issued under a VISA or MasterCard logo are not accepted to qualify for rental. Both debit cards and prepaid or stored value cards issued under a VISA or MasterCard logo may be used as a form of payment when the vehicle is returned.

The credit scoring process performed through the services of Equifax are very similar to the type of credit checks that are done when a person applies for credit. This credit check is done at the rental location when you arrive.


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