If you’re a current or future rideshare driver in need of a vehicle, renting with Hertz may be the right option for you. Whether you’re waiting for your current vehicle to be repaired, or just looking to save big on car maintenance, additional insurance, mileage, and more, a Hertz vehicle comes with benefits that will save you money and time. Learn more about what you can look forward to with a Hertz rental for Lyft or Uber and how to get started.

No Long-Term Contract

The decision to buy a car is a big one, and it can often mean a five-year commitment to payments and regular maintenance. Your commitment when you rent with Hertz for Uber or Lyft is as short as seven days. There are no long-term contracts in sight, and the decision to extend your rental (up to 28 days) is in your hands.

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Standard Maintenance is Always Included

Oil changes, tire rotations, and regular inspections? We cover it all. If you choose to extend your rental, every 28 days you are required to return the rental vehicle to the Hertz location where you picked it up for standard maintenance. That means you can rest assured your rental is always in good shape for you and your passengers.

Unlimited Miles for Driving with Uber or Lyft and Personal Use

Drive to your heart’s content. When you rent a car with Hertz for rideshare driving, there’s no mileage limit. You can drive as much as you want for Uber or Lyft and for personal driving, too. Enjoy the freedom of the open road, endless miles, and an income opportunity at your fingertips.

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No additional Insurance Required to Drive with Uber or Lyft

One of the many expenses of car ownership is insurance. When you rent with Hertz, you don’t need additional insurance because our Loss Damage Waiver coverage is included in your rental rate. This means all vehicle damage to your Hertz rental car is covered* – regardless of who is at fault. There’s no need to file a claim with your personal auto insurance or any deductible for you to pay to Hertz.

Twenty-Four Hour Roadside Assistance

Have a problem on the road? Take your car to the Hertz location where you picked up the rental or call Hertz Roadside Assistance: 1-800-654-5060. We’ll help you take care of your problem, wherever you are.

Have more time to read? Full details on the rental processes for rideshare vehicles with Hertz, including locations, can be found in our Uber Driver Guide and Lyft Driver Guide.

Need more information? We’re here to help. Browse our frequently asked Hertz rideshare rental questions.

*The Hertz Damage Waiver applies to damage to the vehicle itself in excess of $1,000 occurring while off-app or while on-app before accepting a request from a passenger. When off-app, Renter is responsible for any other liability incurred, subject to the minimum financial responsibility of Hertz. Uber provides additional coverage for on-app driving. For such Uber coverage in California, click here. For such Uber coverage in all other states, click here. Hertz may not offer any additional protection products, including insurance products. Terms and Conditions apply to all protection and insurance products. Loss Damage Waiver terms can be found in the rental agreement, rental agreement addendum, and online.


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